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Boulder AC Repair: Signs Your Unit Needs Help

December 9, 2010 at 4:53 pm | Category: Air Conditioning

If you own a Boulder home with an air conditioning unit, you will some day need to seek the services of a qualified Boulder AC repair service. Learning how to spot the signs that your unit is in need of repair will help you call in the technicians before you spend a sleepless night in the summer heat. Some of these signs are quite obvious, while others are more subtle, but all indicate that a call to the technician is in order.

Of course, if you turn on your unit and it does not actually start running, you know that you have a problem, but what other situations could point to a need for service? One of the signs that you need Boulder AC repair is an unusual sound coming from your unit. These usually indicate an emergency situation, and you should call the technician immediately. Squeals, clunking sounds, and other unusual noises are not normal. While your family’s safety may not necessarily be at risk when these sounds are present, waiting to seek repair services could create more problems in the unit which would in turn make the eventual service call more expensive.

If you start to notice that some areas of your home are getting cool, but other areas are not, this can also indicate a problem with your air conditioner. This is especially true if your home normally has even temperatures when you are running your unit. A technician can take a look at it, fix any problems, or give you tips on improving the circulation in your home to get better service from your unit.

Pay attention to your electric bill when you run your air conditioner. If you find that it is higher than normal and you haven’t experienced higher than normal temperatures, your unit may not be running as efficiently as it should. Calling in a technician for AC repair services can improve the efficiency and lower your electric bill.

Other than regular maintenance, like replacing filters and inspecting belts, AC repair should be handled by a licensed, trained professional, especially if the problem is inside the unit. This is not the type of work you should handle on your own, because repairing an air conditioner improperly could cause fire hazards or completely destroy the unit.

Most repairs on air conditioners are simple solutions that cost little, but homeowners avoid calling the technician because they fear a big bill. It is far better to fix a small problem now than to wait and let it grow into a bigger problem later. Also, waiting and continuing to run the unit can increase your electric bills and even create dangerous situations.

If you notice problems with your air conditioner, do not hesitate to call a professional AC repair company to have it looked at. If your unit is new, you may find that the repair is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Even if it is not, finding out what the problem is now and getting it fixed quickly will save you from greater hassle and expense down the road, while also giving you the comfort of sleeping in an air conditioned home.

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